Your Viewfinder Gallery Program


Thanks for your interest in the Your Viewfinder gallery program. The goal of this rotating exhibition is to provide a special opportunity to members of our photography community - so that they can print and share their photography and inspire others in our community to achieve their own creative goals. Launching your own gallery show can be very difficult. We're not claiming to be the Guggenheim or MOMA, but we think it's a pretty cool idea — and perhaps more fun than a stuffy art gallery anyways.


How it works: Viewfinder supplies the gallery, the frames & mattes, and the wine. Photographers supply the images and pay for their prints. If your work is chosen for a gallery event, we will request that you send high resolution images - which we will print on your behalf. We need twelve large prints for your show, so please budget for approximately Fr. 700. in printing costs. We'll work with you to promote your exhibit and we hope you'll invite many of your own friends as well. Your images will be on display for two months before we rotate to the next artist. Once your exhibit concludes, the prints will belong to you. We'll keep our frames and other materials for the next photographer's show.